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There are just no words to tell you how I feel about the veterinary care that you have given to our animals. But, I want you to know that we are so grateful and appreciative to you for giving Handsome, our beloved Golden, a few extra years for us to enjoy his presence. Only the acupuncture and herbs and homeopaths extended his life. And, of course, it took someone with your training, education and kind touch to diagnose and know how to treat him. And then, your respectful and gentle part in his home-going. Thank you.

Handsome, canine patient of Dr Lee Herzig

All pets are special, but he was super-special! Thank you for your many kindnesses to our two kitties and now the new pups. Your ability to hone in on a problem and to "read" an animal is a gift. We feel so blessed to have found you. And I am glad our new dogs have a beginning with you. They will benefit with a healthier life, I know.

       — Gretchen Hartzog


I first met Dr. Herzig after one of our dogs was diagnosed with cancer. During that initial consult appointment Dr. Herzig said "Dogs can live with cancer for a very long time." From that point on, I knew there was hope — realistic hope! We agreed that quality of life was of utmost importance and would keep that in mind for the duration.

Eli, canine cancer patient of Dr Lee Herzig

Dr. Herzig discussed a treatment plan for our dog in easily understood terms and welcomed any questions I had. Throughout the appointment he outlined a detailed treatment plan for his records and provided me with a copy to take home — a much appreciated detail! My first impression of Dr. Herzig — he is a very knowledgeable, genuine, caring, and grounded person and veterinarian. We first met back in June 2007 and my initial impression has continued to strengthen and given me great confidence in recommending others to his practice. Dr. Herzig has been a tremendous asset to our canine family and provided excellent guidance to their "human caregivers."

       — Dawn & John Brooker, Fiber Fields Alpaca Farm, Palermo, Maine


I am writing to thank you so much for the care of my "sweet boy kitty cat" Sylvan. I brought Sylvan to you because his intestines were totally screwed up and he had soft stool/diarrhea every time he had a bowel movement. You prescribed things I had not heard of and his first vet did not know of. He could not fix the problem. You put Sylvan on Enzymes and Probiotics, a No Grain diet, Chinese herbs, then homeopathic remedies. He now only needs the first two things and one homeopathic pill every other day. You handle him so respectfully and Sylvan has done beautifully. I am ever so grateful to you.

       — Susan Clarke, West Tremont


Meet Lobo !!!!

Lobo canine patient of Dr Lee Herzig

He's a 10 year old German Shepherd. In 2007, he started scratching and biting at his skin until it bled. I couldn't turn my back on him for a minute and neither of us slept most nights. His skin was raw and bleeding and the yeasty smell indicated an infection. We saw so many DVM's, went to Tufts University in Massachusetts many times. We tried a variety of prescription diets and it seemed he was on one after another round of anti-biotics. He was losing weight and kept falling over and suddenly sitting down. We had his hips x-rayed and learned his hips were in the worst possible condition. He never let on he was in pain. Off we go to an orthopedic specialist in New Hampshire in search of a hip replacement. With his skin allergies so bad, they wouldn't do the operation because of a possible reaction to the cement. I asked if they could recommend an acupuncturist. Yes! They gave us Dr. Lee Herzig's number. We made an appointment immediately. That first visit was for his hips, but when Dr. Herzig saw how bad his skin was, he told us that he thought he could help with his skin. I was doubtful, having seen so many dermatologists and allergists, but at this point, we had nothing to lose. Lobo was in such bad health, and I was heartbroken. He had lost 15 pounds, going from 85 pounds to 70, his fur was just dropping out and he was so sore, he could barely stand. He wouldn't eat the prescription diets. We had lost all hope.

Dr. Herzig started Lobo with acupuncture, supplements, and a raw diet. At first, I was alarmed at feeding Lobo raw meat, eggs, liver, yogurt and puréed veggies. Dr. Herzig explained that it was perfectly safe, that dogs are naturally designed to eat raw. (With all the tainted commercial food, it's easier to control what we feed our pets.) We started that first day, ordering our poultry from Maine-ly Poultry. We went once a week to see Dr. Herzig and within two weeks, there was a marked improvement. The yeasty smell was gone, his lesions were healing, he wasn't falling, or suddenly sitting down. (Seems he was sitting quickly rather than risk falling while trying to scratch.) Lobo now eats with gusto, loving the raw meat and puréed veggies. His fur has grown back, he has returned to a healthy weight and looks great. People who saw him at his worst are amazed. We all look forward to our now monthly visits to Full Circle for Lobo's chiropractic manipulations for his hips and vitamin B-12 shots.

With Leslie Herzig at the front desk, Lobo trots right in to greet and kiss her, then looks longingly for Dr. Lee. The energy at the clinic is so wonderful, with Dr. Lee, Leslie and their dog Justice, it's like visiting friends, which they truly are. Dr. Herzig did what all the specialists, allergists and dermatologists were shaking their heads over. Dr. Herzig saved Lobo's life and my sanity.

       — Hugs and Love, Jan Snoke



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